Sweet news and an October recap from Team TWEEK

Sweet news and an October recap from Team TWEEK

The TWEEK Starter and Surprise Kit, sustainable tote bags in TWEEK-style, caps, t-shirts, rub-on tattoos, stickers, keychains and pins – The TWEEK Merch and Kit Collections are now available at tweeksweets.com.

During the past six months, we have secretly started the collection launch with our ambassadors and selected Sweet Pilots. BUT, now we are launching “The TWEEK Merch Collection” for real, for all Tweeksters! We hope it will be a way for you - our fantastic and growing community to proudly show that you have joined "the candy revolution".

At the same time as the merchandise collection is launched, we are also releasing the new e-commerce function TWEEK Kits on the site - a further development of building your own TWEEK box on the site where we now offer ready-made TWEEK Kits. Of course, TWEEK Kits can also be combined with TWEEKogram :)

In TWEEK Kits, the content is curated by the team at TWEEK with a focus on different seasons and needs. If you have never tasted TWEEK before, “The TWEEK Starter Kit” is for you. Or do you want to be surprised? Choose our “The TWEEK Surprise Kit”.

In the future, more kits will be launched with new content and focus.

Trick or TWEEK
We were not at all ready for the great interest in our Trick or TWEEK-bag in the beginning of October, and the temporary visit was therefore shorter than we had planned. Next year we’ll make sure to stock up a little extra and celebrate Halloween with some serious Trick or TWEEK!

Bower <3 TWEEK
With Bower and you guys, we have saved 2,292 grams of CO2 since June! 284 people who together have scanned and recycled 1,236 TWEEK bags in recent months. Thank you for helping us become more sustainable! Want to know how to recycle TWEEK with Bower? Click here to read about the collaboration on tweeksweets.com.

20 K <3 @tweeksweets
In October, we passed 20,000 followers on Instagram. Absolutely unbelievable, you are 20,000 awesome Tweeksters who give us love, share your everyday life with TWEEK and a lot of great feedback and exciting ideas. We are so very happy that you are there and we will continue to try to be a touch of color and warmth in your feed.

The Sweetest of Pilots
As our Instagram community grows, so does our special corner reserved for TWEEK Sweet Pilots. Here, in October, a handful selected pilots got to try the new Trick or TWEEK and previously, the Sweet Pilots also received some "taste tests" from The TWEEK Merch collection. Our goal is for every single Sweet Pilot to take part in tastings, challenges and questions - and many have already been been involved as Sweet Pilots. Do you want to be a Sweet Pilot? Register here!