TWEEK initiates collaboration with Bower for a more sustainable product

TWEEK initiates collaboration with Bower for a more sustainable product

All Tweeksters in the Nordic countries can now recycle their empty TWEEK bags with the app Bower and be rewarded with points that can be redeemed for discounts or donated to charity.

TWEEK Sweets candy revolution is not only about offering products that enable a balanced lifestyle, it is also about doing everything we can to prevent maltreatment of our planet. This is why TWEEK now teams up with the Swedish-developed recycling app Bower.

When TWEEK was founded by Åsa Rosén in 2015, it was done with the intention of creating a sustainable company in a broad perspective.

– Together with Bower, we can give our Tweeksters a gentle push and a simple tool to recycle their TWEEK bags after consuming our products. We want to inspire our consumers to join us in taking small but important steps towards increased sustainability in a larger perspective and thereby making an effort to contribute to a better environment, says Åsa Rosén, founder of TWEEK.

Bower was introduced to the Swedish market 2019 and collaborates with a number of brands to get consumers to recycle more.

How to recycle TWEEK with Bower

Scan and sort your packaging at home.
You simply scan the barcode on the TWEEK packaging at home before taking your packaging to the recycling station.
Go to your nearest recycling station.
After scanning your packaging, you will find the nearest recycling station in the Bower app. You can recycle anywhere where it is allowed to, i.e. even at the neighborhood's own environmental room, the villa's multi-compartment containers or, as in some municipalities, with your own optibags.
Confirm that you are there and be rewarded.
Once at the recycling station, you will be asked to confirm that you are there and that you have brought your packaging. Once you have done that and thrown your packaging in the right container, you will be rewarded with points in the app that can be redeemed for discounts, refunds or donate to charity.

Download Bower via the App Store or Google Play on your mobile.