TWEEK launches UK-wide with WHSmith Travel

TWEEK launches UK-wide with WHSmith Travel

TWEEK Sweets pre-packed bags Fruity Fresh, Sour Supreme, Licorice Love and Smoothie Chews are now available at WHSmith Travel.

WHSmith Travel is a leading travel retailer with a presence in a wide range of locations in the UK, including airports, hospitals, train stations and motorway service areas. TWEEK Sweets are now available at 100 of those sites.

TWEEK is the leading brand in Sweden for sugar-reduced confectionery and offers a wide range of both pre-packed products and unique bulk varieties. The company was acquired in the summer of 2020 by Humble Group (formerly Bayn Group).

In the autumn of 2020, the brand began launching in several export markets such as China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Nordic countries. Earlier this year TWEEK signed a partnership with Chef Sam to introduce the brand into the Iberian and French markets. Finnish S Group introduced TWEEK to 408 stores across Finland.

The listing with WHSmith Travel marks a great advance in the launch of TWEEK in the UK, as TWEEK Sweets is also available with Protein Package, Tropicana WholesaleMuscle FinesseCreme d'Or and Tree of Life.

“We have noticed a great interest in our products among retailers as well as end consumers in the United Kingdom and we are happy to reach them on the go in their everyday lives - promoting health and balance together with WHSmith Travel.” – Åsa Rosén, Founder of TWEEK - Sweets with Benefits.