TWEEK strengthens positioning with new design

TWEEK strengthens positioning with new design

TWEEK Sweets presents a new brand design in collaboration with artist and illustrator Lisa-Stina Pettersson, communications agency Seth&Östen, and web agency Dreamify.

As TWEEK Sweets continued to expand during the autumn of 2020, the company began improving the TWEEK website and webshop to strengthen the close collaboration with the brand's loyal community and customers. Among other things, the launch included a new webshop and the establishment of the new community; TWEEK Sweet Pilot. TWEEK now presents an updated visual profile to consolidate the brand's positioning and values. The site also adds more functions to build the brand's relationship with all #tweeksters and Sweet Pilots - both in Sweden and the rest of the world.

TWEEK founder Åsa Rosén started the company in her kitchen and has driven the brand forward with a focus on sustainability, playfulness, innovation, and creativity ever since. TWEEK's concept is based on a desire to do good, for both body and soul, something that the brand now is aiming to strengthen and emphasize through its new design.

“TWEEK is no ordinary candy company. TWEEK is unique and we want our communication to reflect this. When we talk about our mission we never do so with pointers. Instead we want to inspire! Our mission is to educate in a humble way rather than pushing or forcing what we consider to be right or wrong on to someone else. Our goal is always to encourage our fellow human beings to make wiser choices in their everyday lives. We want to create awareness without being perceived as pretentious. To reinforce this in the best way possible, our communication has its roots in a creative and playful tonality”, says Åsa Rosén, founder and Head of Marketing, TWEEK.

Inspiration for TWEEK's updated visual expression derives from several different industries, ranging from fashion to research and innovation companies, and is implemented without losing playfulness or product focus. Artist and illustrator Lisa-Stina Pettersson´s unique illustrations and distinctive expressions play a central role in the new design. For example, we meet her "Tweekified" and diversified fruits, berries, and figures in print, on packaging, and in digital content. On the website, traditional buttons, backgrounds, and icons have been replaced with Lisa-Stina Pettersson's specially designed illustrations to create a more welcoming, inspiring, and personal space.

“TWEEK's website is home to all our wonderful Tweeksters, partners, and resellers. Together with our social channels, forms the foundation for our growing community and is an important step as we continue to expand both in Sweden and the rest of the world”, says Åsa Rosén, founder of TWEEK.

The new design is developed by communications agency Seth&Östen (concept development, graphic design, and project management) in close collaboration with TWEEK's founder and Head of Marketing Åsa Rosén. The new site is built by web agency Dreamify.

In the coming year new features will be launched on making it even easier to always have TWEEK Sweets with benefits close at hand; both when it comes to treating yourself or sharing with loved ones.