TWEEKogram – send TWEEK to someone sweet!

TWEEKogram – send TWEEK to someone sweet!

TWEEK Sweets is launching the new webshop function TWEEKogram. Send a box with TWEEK sweets along with a specially designed greeting to someone near and dear to you.

"We are so thrilled to finally get to launch this service to our dear customers, TWEEKogram is a function we´ve been wanting to develop for some time now. The tough and challenging times we´ve endured through a global pandemic seem to somewhat have sparked a new wave of empathy and generosity, a new appreciation for what we actually have in our lives. We want to be a part of that positive movement in any way we can- starting with simple service making it easier for our dear Tweeksters to send a gift box filled with TWEEK sweets to loved ones. We want to help you spread some love to family, friends, colleagues or anyone else dear to you", says Åsa Rosén, founder of TWEEK.

Earlier in June, TWEEK Sweets launched a new visual profile with an updated web design. TWEEK, in collaboration with artist Lisa-Stina Pettersson, have developed the new design with unique illustrations of diversified fruits, berries and figures. The website’s traditional buttons, backgrounds, and icons have been replaced with Pettersson's illustrations to create a more welcoming, inspiring, and personal space.

With the new webshop function TWEEKogram, the new illustrations are printed on postcards with greetings such as "My sweet friend with benefits!", "Have a great TWEEKend!" and “You’re one in a melon”.

Send a TWEEK box with TWEEKogram here.

TWEEK is one of the leading brands in Sweden for sugar-reduced confectionery and offers a wide range of both pre-packed products and unique bulk varieties. The company was acquired in the summer of 2020 by Humble Group (formerly Bayn Group). In the autumn of 2020, the brand began launching in several export markets such as China, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Nordic countries.