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We have made a new type of candy where we have opted out of sugar (which makes up the bulk of regular candy) and replaced it with ingredients that we consider healthier. The absence of sugar results in a lower energy content for the products in our range. We have also opted out of artificial aromas and colors and replaced them with natural aromas and colours from plant extracts. And instead of soy lecithin, we use sunflower lecithin. Our self-produced chocolate is made from real cocoa butter and real vanilla and we exclude palm oil in our range. Because our products have high fiber content, most people feel satisfied with a smaller amount than if you were to eat regular sweets. The absence of sugar also means that you are not triggered to consume large amounts. With our products, we want to encourage a slightly different consumption behavior – in other words, more focus on quality, less focus on quantity.

As our candy is made without a lot of sugar, you will only find a maximum of 5g sugars / 100g in our range. These sugars are naturally occurring in the fiber mixture and in the lactose-free milk powder that we use. Tolerance and blood sugar effects differ from individual to individual. We can therefore not recommend that our candy is suitable for all diabetics.

From the start, we have aimed to be able to offer vegan alternatives in our range and have now launched three vegan-friendly varieties – Apple Affection, Peach Perfect, and Red Ruby. These you will find in our Vegan Vibe bag.

It is very common for the stomach to be upset by sugar-free / sugar-reduced sweets as they often contain sugar alcohols with a low tolerance level for the stomach and intestines. Erythritol found in TWEEK's products belongs to the category of sugar alcohols, but is one of the sugar alcohols with the highest tolerance levels. And also, we have such small amounts of erythritol in our candy that it is not considered to have a laxative effect. Our candy has a high fiber content which can stimulate sensitive stomachs. All individuals are different, test what works best for you.

We supply TWEEK Sweets to all countries within the EU as well as Norway, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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