Despite the fact that we don’t use regular sugar and despite the fact that our tasty sweets have up to 50% fewer calories than regular sweets, we have not sacrificed taste, appearance or texture. We also stay away from preservatives, soy lecithin and palm oil. The truth is that we like our ingredients so much that we dedicate a page of our own. Our candy is rich in fiber and you will find only natural colors and flavours in our range. Did you know that the red color in our wonderful jelly candy comes from sweet potatoes? And that our purple color is extracted from purple carrots? (For a detailed table of contents, allergens, etc., see the declaration for each individual product in the product gallery.)

Our products have a high fiber content possible by combining two different soluble fibers in a blend of our own. One part comes from a fiber called polydextrose with a relatively low caloric value - making it an excellent sugar replacer for the great amount of sugar used in traditional candy production.

In addition to this we have the plant based fiber (from tapioca) with the scientific (and somewhat tricky) name isomaltooligosaccharides. Many of our customers experience that even relatively small servings of our candy can contribute to certain satiety - a little goes a long way. We would be more than pleased if this can inspire to a more controlled consumtion behavior of candy and sweets in general.

A sweet alternative. Erythritol is a sweet alternative naturally occurring in certain fruits, mushrooms, algae etc. A fermentation process brings us this sweet sugar alcohol. Due to the small amounts of erythritol in our products they are not considered laxative which is rather unique in the segment of sugar free confectionary. While most sugar alcohols are low calorie, erythritol has zero calories. (EFSA).

RICE STARCH - A SMOOTH OPERATOR. Starches can be extracted from a variety of natural sources such as wheat, rice, potatoes, arrow root, and beans - just to mention a few. They are mainly used as a thickening agent giving food a stabilizing effect. Modified potato starch is used in our vegan products and give them structure and stability. Rice starch has one of the smallest granular particle sizes, thereby providing a extra smooth and appealing texture to a variety of foods. Both rice starch and potato starch are naturally free from gluten.

OH GHEE! Ghee is commonly referred to as clarified butter and is a purified butter oil traditionally used in for example Indian cooking.

Ghee is made from a natural source (milk) and because of the way it is prepared the lactose and milk protein content is low. This due to filtering of milk solids making it better tolerated by those with dairy sensitivities.

Ghee has a very nice, deep, buttery taste. In our TWEEK TOFFEES it adds beautifully to our three mouthwatering toffee flavours!

SUPER SWEET STEVIA, given the name Stevia rebaudiana in Latin, is traditionally grown in south America. Due to its sweetness Stevia has been given many names including honey leaf, sweet leaf of Paraguay, sweetleaf, sweet herb, candyleaf and honey yerba.

Stevia extracts contain a high level of sweetening compounds more known as steviol glycosides. These are up to 300 times sweeter than sucrose(regular sugar).

The European Food Safety Association (EFSA) aswell as the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regards steviol glycosides as a safe source of sweetness.

NATURAL NEWS. The demand for natural ingredients in the foods and drinks we consume is steadily increasing. We like this trend and do what we can to contribute to the market of more natural alternatives.

We use extracted flavours and colours from nature in all of our
products. The natural colours are a range of food ingredients with
colouring properties. The food ingredients originate from fruits, vegetables and other edible raw materials, e.g sweet potatoes and
purple carrots.

BOVINE GELATIN. Gelatin which gives candy its bouncy and chewy texture is naturally high in collagen. We use only high quality bovine gelatin (from cows). That way our range of candy can be enjoyed even by consumers who do not wish to eat gelatin from pork.

TWEEK CHOCOLATE. We produce our own chocolate specially adapted to meet our demands concerning the nutritional profile as well as taste and quality.

We use pure cocoa butter, high quality cocoa mass and our chocolate has no addition of palmoil. The lactose free milkpowder comes from Scandinavian, fresh milk and the taste is rounded off with pure vanilla.